Hunting tour

Hunting tourism – is one of the most popular types of tourism in the modern world.

We offer accommodation at hunting bases in picturesque places of nature, also organize and conduct tours, both for Ukrainian and foreign hunters (amateur hunting and trophy hunting for professionals, from towers, paddock hunting).

Below are the hunting tours:

  • trophy hunting for roe deer;
  • trophy hunting for wild boar;
  • trophy hunting for feathered game;
  • hunting for rabbits, ducks, quail, black grouse, etc.

Tour program:

Day 1

  • Meeting of the tour participants;
  • Guest accommodation at De Gaulle Boutique Hotel, presented by 13 comfortable rooms of European level;
  • Breakfast lunch dinner;
  • Holidays in De Gaulle Boutique Hotel.

Day 2

  • Breakfast at the De Gaulle Boutique Hotel;
  • Departure to the hunting ground in Bydryagi. (the nature here is pristine, almost untouched by man.) Hunting trophies can become, roe deer, wild boar, black grouse);
  • Dinner;
  • Evening Hunting;
  • Dinner;
  • Recreation.

    Day 3

    • Early breakfast on hunting grounds;
  • Morning hunting for wild boar or duck;
  • Recreation (Sauna, Fishing);
  • Dinner;
  • Hunting;
  • Dinner;
  • Recreation.

    Day 4

    • Breakfast;
    • Hunting;
    • Moving to De Gaulle Boutique Hotel;

    At the choice of guests we provide leisure services in the city of Kharkov and beyond, such as: city tours, sightseeing, rest in theme restaurants, departure from the city, excursions to the Dendropark, Sharovskiy castle, boat rides, water scooters – reservoirs Slobozhanshchiny and much more.

    Included in cost:
    – Transportation for the whole period of stay;
    – Accommodation in the hotel and hunting grounds;
    – All inclusive meals;
    – Weapons rental;
    – Hunting from the towers (sights), Fishing, Bathhouse;
    – Translator;
    – Medical insurance;
    – City Tour.
    The price does not include:
    – Extraction of trophies;
    – Recreational activities.